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Instant Media: A role-playing simulation on Business/IT Alignment

Business/IT alignment has ranked as a top management concern for many years in a row now. 78% of IT managers indicate that their IT is not aligned with business strategy. Other studies show similar results. IT is a key factor in business today. But if this message is so clear, why is alignment so exceptional?

After several years of study into business/IT alignment, Dr. Jerry Luftman developed a model to assess how mature organizations are in their capability to align business and IT. Based upon this maturity model, Dr. Gilbert Silvius developed Instant Media, a role-playing simulation game in which the participants play the role of the newly-appointed Information Manager of the fictional company, Instant Media. As information manager, the participants take actions that help mature the relationship between business and IT. The goal of the game is to realize the highest level of business/IT alignment maturity.  

The simulation lasts through four decision rounds during which several events occur. Step-by-step, the participants learn the logic and balance in the interactions between IT and business. The simulation can be played either in a single day or divided over several days and is scalable from 15 to 50 participants per session.

More information: mail@gilbertsilvius.nl